Confused about which stream to float on?
We have a solution!

“What are your plans after classes 10th and 12th?” Every student faces this question. The poor 16-year-old is burdened with the responsibility of first choosing the stream amongst science, humanities and commerce and then choosing the graduation course. The only guidance he or she gets is from the parents and the teachers’ judgement based on the marks. It is essential for the student to be level headed and take the best decision for a safe and secure future.

The guidance of parents and teachers is not sufficient to give a strong foundation to a student’s career. Career counselling, also known as career guidance, assists every student to sail through this tough time. It is the initial stage of career development. It is taken after class 10th for help in choosing the stream and then after class 12th for choosing the graduation course. Chanakya The Guru takes pride in helping these students, bring to them the best career choices and allow them to see those choices with an open mind.

How it works?

Students tend to follow the herd. It is important to choose the stream that matches one’s aptitude and interest to attain success in future.

Every student has different capabilities, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. To know about your capabilities, we hold aptitude and personality tests which help us build an opinion on characteristics and prospective future growth of the student. The results help our counsellor to advise the best-suited option for any student.

Moreover, career assessment helps the students to know the pros and cons of different streams and courses. Thus, it facilitates the student to make an informed decision, thereby minimising the risk of change in career path later in the future.

Many counsellors suggest that parents should also attend the sessions so that they are aware of the skill set of their child. This is important because parents tend to force their aspirations on their children and expect them to excel in that particular field.

We, the youth of the society, will run the economy in the future. Therefore, if we do not make the right decisions, it will impact not only our career but also the entire economy as a whole. Career guidance helps us to organize our thoughts and ideas, thereby boosting our morale. It gives us the path to achieve heights and make our society well-read and our economy well-functioning.

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